Alec Dawson has shared more insight into the world of card unnerfs in another series of tweets. With today's update on the Neutral cards that are being reverted to their previous glory, we've got a full look at what fun is going to be available in wild.

  • Nerf reverts are taking place in Patch 20.0 which is live later this month.
  • The reverts will come shortly before the expansion launches. Huge meta swing!
  • Some cards were not fully reverted but were instead "soft" reverted. This is because these cards may come back to Standard in the future.
  • Cards like Level Up!, which would only add strength to archetypes already doing well are not being unnerfed.

Looking for the list of class nerf reverts? Here they all are!

Read on for all the newly announced changes. If you're looking for the new core set that is coming this year, head on over to our Core Set 2021 guide. If you are interested in the new expansion, you can find the currently revealed cards in our Forged in the Barrens guide.


Undertaker Card Image Arcane Golem Card Image Leper Gnome Card Image Knife Juggler Card Image

Bonemare Card Image Archivist Elysiana Card Image Bad Luck Albatross Card Image Saronite Chain Gang Card Image

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Card Image Frenzied Felwing Card Image

Quote From Alec Dawson

20.0 nerf reverts. Neutrals.
Undertaker (gets +1/+1)
Arcane Golem (4/2 w/ Charge)
Leper Gnome (2/1)
Knife Juggler (3/2)
Bonemare (7 mana)
Saronite Chain Gang (summons copy)
Archivist Elysiana (8 mana)
DQA (0 mana dragons, can't get self)
Albatross (3 mana)
Frenzied Felwing (3/3)