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We've got a handful of Hero Skins coming in a future Hearthstone update which dress up the classic Hearthstone heroes in obtainable costumes, which is almost certainly to celebrate Halloween. These skins do have some great voicelines, so check out all of our previews down below.

It should be noted that it appears these will only be obtainable in a bundle together - the Fairy Tale Bundle.

Robin Hood Rexxar

After years of their careless deforestation and mining, he resolved to rob the villages and give back to the wilds.

Red Riding Hood Jaina

Armed with the utmost determination to deliver freshly conjured mana biscuits to her grandmother.

Prince Charming Anduin

Proof that you don't need to be a knight to wear shining armor.

Frog Prince Thrall

Thrall didn't realize there'd be consequences for always including Likkim in his deck.

Pirate King Garrosh

Ne'er was there a pirate more ferocious than the mighty captain of the warship Hellscream.