With Hearthstone's recent balance changes, a lot of underperforming classes got some much-needed help in the way of buffs to key cards. In all this confusion, it's easy to lose track of new things to try, which is why we've gathered some decks from the farthest reaches of the known internet (and HSReplay) to bring you guidance in your noble quest.

Relic Demon Hunter

Relic of Extinction Card ImageRelic Vault Card Image

The build-around archetype from Murder at Castle Nathria appears to have finally found its footing after 1-Mana discounts to Relic of Extinction and Relic Vault make it a lot less painless to start the Relic choo-choo train a-chugging. We've highlighted three fairly different takes on a new classic.

Dying to Play Some Relics

Feno went the full 40 with a Relic Demon Hunter list that's part Control, part Deathrattle Demon Hunter. Thanks to Prince Renathal, the deck gets to run all sorts of neat goodies like Theotar, the Mad Duke, Insatiable Devourer, and School Teacher

Quest Accepted

Also going for a Prince Renathal build was Burr0, who took advantage of the extra cards allowed by building around Final Showdown in addition to the Relic shell. Irebound Brute makes a welcome reappearance after the nerf revert, and there's even a single copy of Twin-fin Fin Twin to help feed the Feast of Souls.

Go Big or Go Home

Brian Kibler eschewed the idea of running Renathal for the consistency of a 30 card deck that uses the newly-buffed Abyssal Depths to get Vanndar Stormpike down on curve, then gets more discounts from Relic of Dimensions to make some swingy plays by copying a big body like Taintheart Tormenter.


Magnifying Glaive Card ImageBibliomite Card Image

If Relics aren't your thing, you can still try out some buffed Demon Hunter cards in an aggressive Demon Hunter shell, playing a 5/4 Bibliomite, then drawing back the card he shuffled by swinging with a 3-Attack Magnifying Glaive. Plus, all that attacking is good for your Kurtrus, Demon-Render.

Hearthstone Speedrun

Edwin, Defias Kingpin Card Image

fribz built a Tempo Rogue that's taking advantage of the (possibly ill-advised) buff to Edwin, Defias Kingpin by cutting expensive finishers like Shadowcrafter Scabbs and Crabatoa to make it even more likely that you can churn through your deck, build a big Edwin, then activate Sinstone Graveyard or play Necrolord Draka to make more big stats.

Enrage Warrior

Sanguine Depths Card ImageCruel Taskmaster Card ImageImbued Axe Card Image

Enrage Warrior looked like a decent deck in the theorycraft streams, but if there's one thing we've learned from those streams it's that nothing is ever as it seems. The class has completely disappeared since the release of the new expansion, and what at first looked like a mystery worthy of Murloc Holmes turned out to be a simple case of "not good enough." Well, the Enrage archetype got a handful of buffs (alongside some nerf reverts for Control Warrior), so it's time to see what kind of an impact the changes made.

Don't Make Me Angry

Superior David found early success with this Enrage Warrior list that can get a lot of mileage out of Anima Extractor with Blademaster Samuro, as well as Charge minions Crazed Wretch, Grommash Hellscream, and Mr. Smite.

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

This Enrage Warrior list looks to build a bigger Remornia, Living Blade while controlling the board with Riot!. The deck also goes for the Rush of Stonemaul Anchorman to draw some cards, and even has space for a single Bloodhoof Brave.

Pure Paladin

The Countess Card ImageLegendary Invitation Card Image

Pure Paladin has been hit-or-miss over its short lifespan, but in Murder at Castle Nathria it's so far been a miss, despite the undeniable power of Elitist Snob and 0-Cost Legendaries. The 1-Mana discount for the Legendary Invitation generated by The Countess might not be enough, on its own, to resuscitate the dead deck, but at least the fun's a bit cheaper.

Snobby Stewart

This deck has a controlling vision of Pure Paladin, and makes the most of all of Paladin's Cost-reducing cards: Legendary Invitation, Lightray, and The Garden's Grace.

Stuck-Up Silver Hand

This Pure Paladin deck from HSReplay instead builds around the buffed Silver Hand Recruit synergies Warhorse Trainer and Stand Against Darkness (works great with Dun Baldar Bridge, by the way) while still finding a home for The Countess.

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