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Hearthstone is getting a third artbook! As a follow-up to last year's Year of the Kraken book, a new book is coming out this October focusing on the Year of the Mammoth expansions.

Art books are a great way to be able to take in the full art of the Hearthstone card images unclipped by the card shape, as well as art for boards, bosses, background images, logos, and character design. As the Year of the Mammoth featured bright dinosaur-filled tropics in Un'Goro, icy wastes in Frozen Throne, and caves filled with glittering treasure in Kobolds & Catacombs, it's a sure bet that this book will have a variety of eye-catching art to delight Hearthstone fans with. 

We aren't certain how many pages the book will be, though the previous books were 144 (Year of the Kraken) and 240 (original book) pages, so somewhere in that neighbourhood sounds right. We do though know what the cover will look like!

If you're interested, you can lock in a pre-order over on Amazon for $30 with the release hitting on October 13, 2020. Have you purchased any of the prior Art of Hearthstone books? What do you enjoy about art books?

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