The Witchwood Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Witch expansion are we referring to? Yes! Hearthstone's 8th Expansion is The Witchwood! It launched on April 12th 2018 - Patch Notes

Expansion Overview

Embark alongside Worgen on this haunting adventure through The Witchwood. This set brings 135 new cards to the game and a new standard rotation.

  • New Hero Card - Hagatha the Witch is available as one of two legendaries for the Shaman class. This is the only hero card released with this set.
  • New Keyword - Echo allows you to play a card as many times as you would like on that turn, if you have the mana to do so!
  • New MechanicWorgen flavour cards include a handful that alternate between forms at the end of each turn they are in your hand.
  • New Keyword - Rush minions may attack other minions the turn they are played. Very similar to Charge, but no face!
  • New ArchetypesOdd & Even decks will inevitably be a thing for quite some time with Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater.
  • New Single Player Content - Monster Hunt is a free solo adventure. It was released two weeks after the initial expansion launch.
  • New Standard Rotation - Year of the Raven; Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night at Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan became wild-only.
  • New Druid Hero - Lunara!

Pre-Order & Free Content

Leading up to the release of The Witchwood, players could pre-order a bundle of 70 packs and an exclusive card back for $49.99 USD.

 Some free bonuses were also available to all players:

  • Up to four card packs were available to be earned leading up to release.
  • Each player received one random legendary class card at log in.
  • Three card packs were given for logging in on upon release.
  • New Druid Hero, Lunara, earned by winning 10 matches in standard.
  • One card pack was earnable for completing Monster Hunt with each hero.
  • A special back is earnable by completing the Monster Hunt with all heroes.

Hagatha the Witch

The only new playable hero card from this set is one of two Shaman legendaries. Hagatha has unique emotes and a special hero power.

  • Battlecry: "Deal 3 damage to all minions."
  • Passive Hero Power: "After you play a minion, add a random Shaman spell to your hand."
  • Greetings: "Welcome to my domain."
  • Well Played: "Well played."
  • Thanks: "Thank you."
  • Wow: "By the night!"
  • Oops: "Unwise."
  • Threaten: "The curse take you!"


"Cards with Echo can be played again and again on the same turn—as long as you have the mana to pay the price."

Amongst these new 135 collectible cards, 13 posses the Echo keyword. Mage and Druid were the only classes to not receive an Echo card.

Cheap Shot Card Image Curse of Weakness Card Image Face Collector Card Image Glinda Crowskin Card Image

Hunting Mastiff Card Image Mistwraith Card Image Phantom Militia Card Image Pick Pocket Card Image

Sound the Bells! Card Image Squashling Card Image Walnut Sprite Card Image Warpath Card Image


"Rush offers the immediate gratification of Charge without its game-ending potential, so you’ll encounter more minions that hit the ground running with this new keyword."

Rush may have been new, but Blizzard was not kidding when they said we would encounter more Rush cards than Charge. In total, The Witchwood gave us 19 Rush cards.

Countess Ashmore Card ImageCursed Castaway Card ImageDarius Crowley Card ImageDruid of the Scythe Card ImageGhostly Charger Card Image
Gilnean Royal Guard Card ImageHoundmaster Shaw Card ImageHunting Mastiff Card ImageMilitia Commander Card ImageMuck Hunter Card Image
Rabid Worgen Card ImageRatcatcher Card ImageRedband Wasp Card ImageScaleworm Card ImageSwift Messenger Card Image
Town Crier Card ImageVicious Scalehide Card ImageVilebrood Skitterer Card ImageWoodcutter's Axe Card Image 

Evens & Odds

Two new and exciting build-around legendaries were unleashed with this set. Each has a very powerful start-of-game effect that can be triggered by meeting their requirements.

  • With Genn Greymane , every card in your deck must have an even mana cost (0,2,4,6,8,10,12). The card's effect will reduce the cost of your hero power.
  • With Baku the Mooneater , every card in your deck must have an odd mana cost (1,3,5,7,9). The card's effect will empower your starting hero power.

In addition to the two build-around cards, some additional cards were released that have specific synergy with these archetypes.

*As of the Year of the Dragon, these six cards will be moved to the Hall of Fame a year early.

Evens Synergy
Genn Greymane Card Image Murkspark Eel Card Image 


Odds Synergy
Baku the Mooneater Card ImageBlack Cat Card ImageGlitter Moth Card ImageGloom Stag Card Image


Worgen Forms

Five of several Worgen cards in this set have a special mechanic. They transform and swap Attack and Health each turn you hold them, as well as their art and voice lines!

Duskhaven Hunter Card Image Gilnean Royal Guard Card Image Pumpkin Peasant Card Image Spellshifter Card Image Swift Messenger Card Image

Monster Hunt

  • Released April 26th 2018
  • Can be found under 'Solo Adventures' on the main menu.
  • Similar to Dungeon Run from Kobolds & Catacombs; you will battle various bosses, building a deck on your journey to defeat Hagatha.
  • Features four heroes to choose from, each with their own unique tricks and grudge match-up at the end of the run.
  • For a limited time, one pack was awarded for each hero you completed the hunt with.
  • After completing the hunt with each hero, you unlock the Monster Hunter card back.


Year of the Raven

The Standard format has rotated, and multiple sets have been restricted to wild. These sets are:

Additionally, with this rotation three more cards have been added to the Hall of Fame set:


Lunara was obtainable to everyone during the Year of the Raven by simply winning 10 games in Standard format.

She has all-new voice lines:

  • Thanks: "I appreciate your efforts."
  • Well played: "Well played."
  • Greetings: "Nature's blessings upon you."
  • Wow: "That was wild!"
  • Oops: "A wild miscalculation."
  • Threaten: "Suffer as the wildlands suffer!"

Mysterious Missives

A series of blog posts were released leading up the the expansion to introduce many characters you'll encounter.

Mysterious Missives
Part 1Part 2Part 3

Revealed Cards


Splintergraft Card Image Duskfallen Aviana Card Image Wispering Woods Card Image Bewitched Guardian Card Image Forest Guide Card Image Witching Hour Card Image Druid of the Scythe Card Image Ferocious Howl Card Image Witchwood Apple Card Image


Emeriss Card Image Houndmaster Shaw Card Image Toxmonger Card Image Rat Trap Card Image Carrion Drake Card Image Wing Blast Card Image Duskhaven Hunter Card Image Vilebrood Skitterer Card Image Dire Frenzy Card Image Hunting Mastiff Card Image


Prince Liam Card Image The Glass Knight Card Image Cathedral Gargoyle Card Image Hidden Wisdom Card Image Silver Sword Card Image Bellringer Sentry Card Image Paragon of Light Card Image Ghostly Charger Card Image Sound the Bells! Card Image Rebuke Card Image


Lady in White Card Image Chameleos Card Image Vivid Nightmare Card Image Nightscale Matriarch Card Image Coffin Crasher Card Image Holy Water Card Image Quartz Elemental Card Image Squashling Card Image Divine Hymn Card Image


Tess Greymane Card Image Face Collector Card Image WANTED! Card Image Spectral Cutlass Card Image Cursed Castaway Card Image Mistwraith Card Image Pick Pocket Card Image Cutthroat Buccaneer Card Image Blink Fox Card Image Cheap Shot Card Image


Shudderwock Card Image Hagatha the Witch Card Image Bogshaper Card Image Totem Cruncher Card Image Earthen Might Card Image Blazing Invocation Card Image Ghost Light Angler Card Image Witch's Apprentice Card Image Zap! Card Image


Lord Godfrey Card Image Glinda Crowskin Card Image Deathweb Spider Card Image Ratcatcher Card Image Blood Witch Card Image Curse of Weakness Card Image Dark Possession Card Image Fiendish Circle Card Image Duskbat Card Image Witchwood Imp Card Image


Blackhowl Gunspire Card Image Darius Crowley Card Image Deadly Arsenal Card Image Town Crier Card Image Festeroot Hulk Card Image Militia Commander Card Image Redband Wasp Card Image Rabid Worgen Card Image Woodcutter's Axe Card Image Warpath Card Image


Toki, Time-Tinker Card Image Archmage Arugal Card Image Arcane Keysmith Card Image Book of Specters Card Image Curio Collector Card Image Bonfire Elemental Card Image Cinderstorm Card Image Vex Crow Card Image Snap Freeze Card Image


Azalina Soulthief Card Image Countess Ashmore Card Image Dollmaster Dorian Card Image Splitting Festeroot Card Image Worgen Abomination Card Image Mossy Horror Card Image Muck Hunter Card Image Sandbinder Card Image Witch's Cauldron Card Image Voodoo Doll Card Image Nightmare Amalgam Card Image Baleful Banker Card Image Gilnean Royal Guard Card Image Witchwood Grizzly Card Image Chief Inspector Card Image Scaleworm Card Image Lifedrinker Card Image Night Prowler Card Image Witchwood Piper Card Image Mad Hatter Card Image Phantom Militia Card Image Cauldron Elemental Card Image Deranged Doctor Card Image Darkmire Moonkin Card Image Wyrmguard Card Image Furious Ettin Card Image Rotten Applebaum Card Image Clockwork Automaton Card Image Felsoul Inquisitor Card Image Unpowered Steambot Card Image Swift Messenger Card Image Marsh Drake Card Image Blackwald Pixie Card Image Pumpkin Peasant Card Image Ravencaller Card Image Tanglefur Mystic Card Image Hench-Clan Thug Card Image Walnut Sprite Card Image Vicious Scalehide Card Image Spellshifter Card Image Lost Spirit Card Image Swamp Leech Card Image Swamp Dragon Egg Card Image

Card Backs & Packs

In a Dark Wood

Monster Hunt

Card Pack

Game Board

Witchwood Announcement Video

Cinematic Trailer

Reveal Kick-Off VOD

Final Reveal VOD

Hearthside Chat: Monster Hunt


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