The recent blog post on the upcoming Rewards Track and other goods for Patch 20.0 gave us a lot of interesting information - except the confirmation on which day we should be expecting it to drop. Well... at least when it comes to the English-speaking sources. The same article viewed in some other languages suddenly seems to become a lot more forthcoming, if we compare the following excerpt across several different sources: 

Quote From Blizzard

Finally, please note that incomplete Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Gameplay achievements will no longer grant Reward Track XP after the 20.0 patch is released, and instead a new set of Forged in the Barrens Gameplay achievements will, so don’t forget to finish and claim those before they’re gone!

Now for the Taiwanese version: 

Quote From Blizzard

最後提醒一點,從 3 月 26 日開始,尚未完成的《暗月馬戲團:古神也瘋狂》遊戲性成就將不再會給予獎勵軌跡的經驗值獎勵,取而代之的是《貧瘠之地》遊戲性成就,請把握機會解鎖相關成就並領取經驗值!

That would be Thursday 25th for Europe and the Americas because of timezones. But let's look for confirmation elsewhere: 

Here are Polish and German takes, accordingly: 

Quote From Blizzard

Pamiętajcie, że niekompletne osiągnięcia z kategorii Rozgrywka z Obłędnego Festynu Lunomroku przestaną zapewniać PD na ścieżce nagród od 25 marca, a zamiast tego pojawi się nowy zestaw osiągnięć tej kategorii z Zahartowanych przez Pustkowia. Koniecznie je ukończcie!

Quote From Blizzard

Bitte beachtet, dass ihr ab dem 25. März für nicht abgeschlossene Gameplay-Erfolge aus Der Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn keine EP mehr für den Belohnungsweg erhaltet. Stattdessen wird es neue Gameplay-Erfolge aus Geschmiedet im Brachland geben, also vergesst nicht, die älteren Erfolge abzuschließen, bevor sie verschwinden!

We haven't combed through them all, but it's very possible many other regional pages look exactly like the ones shown here, not shy about announcing the patch date. It isn't a terribly great surprise, mind - Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the "big" Hearthstone update days - but a lot of people were expecting March 23 to be the case, coming right after the final reveal stream.

Things could always change before the official release and maybe the translated blogs themselves got something wrong, however unlikely at this point. But until we hear otherwise, that's what we got to work with. 

What's Releasing in Patch 20.0?

This is the largest Hearthstone patch to date and there is a lot to cover! Removed a bit about core set, rotation should still happen on Barrens launch on March 30.

This list is not likely to be exhaustive so we'll let you know when we learn more about the patch.

Happy that the patch might come a bit later than expected to let you work on the remaining XP achievements and climbing in the known meta? Disappointed we might get less than a week of nerf reverts in Standard before Barrens?  Does your native Hearthstone site confirm our findings as well? Let us know below!