If you've been keeping up with our regularly updated post of all things related to the new Patch 24.0, then this won't be big news for you by this point - but chances are, not everyone is yet in the know. 

Due to the peculiar nature of Hearthstone's patching process, where most everything ends up being frontloaded in one fell swoop, some of the Daily/Weekly Quest adjustments went live on Tuesday. We knew these changes were due for a good while now, but the awkward timing still resulted in a number of confused players stumbling onto the new tasks that they couldn't quite then complete as easily as anything else. 

For that reason, Team 5 gave us a heads up about a hotfix patch (presumably coming later today or tomorrow) that will disable the new expansion quests until it all properly launches on August 2

New Castle Nathria Daily and Weekly Quests

So far we've only really seen the reports of two new additions - Daily "Activate a Location 6 times" and Weekly "Play 30 Infuse cards". If there is anything else hiding in the wings, it ought to be fairly rare in its appearance rate. Besides, this in line with what Cora Georgiou (Hearthstone Designer and Set Lead for Murder at Castle Nathria) had told us before: 

Quote From Songbird

Weirdly enough, before Stormwind, we had Weekly Quest themed for each expansion. I wonder why we never got [themed quests for Alterac Valley and Sunken City] and instead just kept Stormwind weeklies for a year.

My understanding is we had some restructuring within the team around that time and it got lost in the shuffle of who should be responsible for it. Obviously not a great answer, but it shouldn't be an issue now. Going forward we'll be back to updating 1 daily and 1 weekly quest for each expansion. The ones for next set are implemented and ready to go. :)

New Daily Quest on the left, new Weekly Quest on the right.

Aside from heading into the recently improved Duels mode, where some of the new cards can already be picked up randomly between the games across various buckets (as well as found through Discover or other generation effects), there isn't any other real way to complete these.

It's worth noting that attempting to find 30 Infuse cards in this way could turn out to be a very, very slow proposition. Definitely not recommended, thus rerolling might save you a lot of time and pain if you were unlucky enough to find this Weekly. 

As for the Daily, it's mainly worthwhile if you happen to get one of the new Passive Treasures (from Pool 1 i.e. available after one game played). Completing it might not be as simple otherwise. 

Location, Location, Location! Card Image

Previous Stormwind Quests Gone? 

We don't have 100% confirmation on this yet, but it's a logical conclusion based on what the Hearthstone team told us to expect before. And so far we haven't seen them appear ever since Patch 24.0 hit the live servers (let us know if you do!). If not now, then they certainly should be gone by August 2, once the gates of Castle Nathria open wide.

One thing for sure, most of us are not going to miss (re-)rolling into the Stormwind Questlines Weekly (believe it or not, they do not exactly enjoy a stellar reputation nowadays). And since the Tradeable keyword has so far been confined to a single expansion, it makes sense for that one Daily to move on as well. We've got enough Quest alternatives in the same "1000 XP category"  which also happen to be far easier to complete. 

Quote From Cora

Can we get rid of this weekly quest already?

Yes! This one and the Tradeable quest will be gone with the new set release.

The Upcoming Hotfix Patch

The info first came courtesy of our favorite Hearthstone messenger (and Associate Writer) Nicholas "DeckTech" Weiss, since then having also been added to the regular thread on the official forums: 

Quote From Blizzard
The team is aware that some Murder at Castle Nathria Daily/Weekly Quests started in Patch 24.0. In a hotfix later this week, the team will temporarily disable those until expansion launch. In the meantime, players who receive those quests can reroll them, hold onto them until the expansion launches on August 2, or complete them in Duels.

We'll be sure to let you know once that hotfix patch arrives, of course. Presumably with a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

What do you think of these newly introduced Quests? And is there anyone who is going to miss completing United in Stormwind's Questlines?