Welcome to the Wild Deck Guide Compendium!

This is a collection of Wild decks with full, in-depth guides. These decks and guides are being updated every expansion, mini-set, as well as whenever nerfs or buffs happen. You can always check back here to see if anything has been adjusted, but keep in mind that it may take a week or two to update all the decks after every relevant change.

Decks marked with * have been recently updated, sometime during the most recent expansion. The other decks are all being kept up to date, but usually haven't received any new support in the latest set.

If you wish for a new deck archetype to be added to the compendium, or are wondering if a deck is going to be updated soon, you can comment below.

There are a total of 56 decks in the compendium at the moment.


Demon Hunter

Big Demon Demon Hunter *

Big Demon Hunter

Odd Demon Hunter *



Midrange Beast Druid *

Reno Druid *

Untapped Potential Druid *

Even Druid *



Beast Hunter

Reno Secret Hunter 

Even Hunter *

Chameleon Rexxar *

Secret Hunter

Pharaoh Hunter *

Carnassa Hunter *

Boomzooka Hunter *



Odd Mage

Mech Mage *

Naga Mage *

Even Mage *



Galvadon Paladin

Shirvallah Paladin *

Tax Paladin *

Cute Paladin

Okani Handbuff Paladin *

Reno N’Zoth Paladin *

Exodia Paladin

Quest Recruit Paladin

Pure Recruit Paladin

Even Paladin

Mech Paladin *

Pure Prelate Paladin *

Making Mummies Quest Paladin *



Healbuff Priest

Obelisk Priest

Tempo Silence Priest *

Reno Combo Priest *

Even Priest *



Edwin Miracle Rogue

Bird Rogue

Big Rogue

Reno Pirate Rogue *



Freeze Galakrond Shaman

Jade Shaman

Infinite Yogg-Saron Shaman

Burn Shaman *

Enchanter Shaman *



Galakrond Warlock

Egg Warlock

Void Contract Warlock *

Renounce Darkness Warlock

Turbo Neeru Warlock

Murlock *



Taunt Warrior

Even Dragon Warrior *

Patron Warrior

Menagerie Warrior *